Have Starbucks Holiday Cups Been Made Great Again?

Yes, I still go to Starbucks. If conservatives boycotted every corporation that engaged in Leftist-inspired behavior, they wouldn’t be able to buy much of anything. Today’s trip was for research purposes, though, since 2017’s holiday cups were released. I received the video link in my e-mail box this morning, but wanted to see a cup up close in case the video didn’t reveal everything–trust but verify. The design of the cups serve as a barometer of sorts for how the front is holding up in the War on Christmas. The verdict: traditionalists are making progress.

First, here’s a quick recap of the cup controversies from previous years. In 2015, a minimalist red design was the first indication that Corporate shoved Christmas in the closet. 2016 brought Americans a green “unity” cup that drew stick figures of everyone under the sun with two legs or less in a single stroke, surely the pride of many an indoctrinated Kindergarten teacher. Howard Schultz had doubled down.

Now in 2017, Schultz is out. This year’s cup is a basic, triggering white–maybe even a little too privileged in the eyes of the average barista. There’s a Christmas tree and some wrapped gifts–definitely a plus, since it evokes that dreaded “C” word. There are Christmas cards. There are falling snowflakes, so we still have the seasonal elements that one would come to expect. But I’ll be damned if there isn’t also a couple doves, and a Star of Bethlehem. Not bad at all–our cups are on the way to being made great again.

I am thankful that this season we have a President who understands the centrality of the “Culture Wars.” Far from being a distraction or a sideshow, as some lament, these battles matter a lot more than things like tax brackets or pre-existing conditions in insurance policies. Policy wonks never inspired anyone.  Take a look at the “cultural iceberg” chart for a good visual of how central these elements can be for a nation. Culture is much more determinant of our everyday quality of life, now and for future generations, than dry legislation.

Progress has been made on the Starbucks front, but let’s not rest on our laurels, though. Faust could remain free of Hell as long as he remained unsatisfied with the riches he had been given in life, as long as he didn’t get too comfortable. The Left always asks for more–so should we. Activism tip: write a letter–or send it as a note in a Christmas card for good measure–to Starbucks’ corporate offices asking them to include the phrase “Merry Christmas” on the cup in 2018. Keep the momentum going.