2010: Florida, 2012: Texas, 2014: . . . ?

Texas has brought liberty and constitutional conservatism to the United States Senate by electing Ted Cruz as its junior senator.  It is a fabulous way to show that the Tea Party is alive and well, even if the GOP Establishment in DC and in state capitols across the country want to deny it.  It also marks the second consecutive year that the Tea Party has toppled an establishment-backed candidate seen as a shoo-in in an open seat election.  From my count there are only 13 GOP seats being defended (this is from the 2008 Obama-led wipe-out).  There doesn’t seem to be any obvious open seat that could emerge, most of the GOP incumbents seem to be running for reelection.  So if we are to grow the DeMint Caucus (as I like to call them – DeMint, Paul, Toomey, Johnson) it looks like it might be time for the Tea Party to finally take down a giant.  Here is my top 3.

  1. Lindsey Graham
  2. Lamar Alexander
  3. Saxby Chambliss

I don’t know these states, I don’t pretend to know them.  But my hope would be good conservatives who believe in what Ted Cruz believes in will take on this challenge.

My home state of Virginia has a much weaker, but still strong, Mark Warner running for reelection in 2014 and we must do better than running 1990s retreads like we’ve done for every Senate election (including this one).  I haven’t heard anything about who wants to get in this yet because of our 2013 statewide races other than Gov. McDonnell.  I know we can do better than that.

Still, I think every conservative across the country is basking in the glow of Ted Cruz tonight!