Ted Cruz: The Case For Tea Party-Liberty Alliance

I know RedState is perhaps the most hostile conservative site to Ron Paul and much of his movement.  But I also get the feeling that most of that hostility is towards Ron Paul himself, and as he rides off into the sunset the men he leaves behind seem to understand the nuances of conservative politics better than he does.  People like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Kerry Bentivolio, Thomas Massie, and others seem to understand how to navigate Republican waters better.

Cruz was endorsed by Ron Paul and Rand Paul on May 13th, and endorsed enthusiastically.  As much as many want to deny it, a part of the Tea Party does come from the Paul movement.  Not all.  But some.  As the  “Ron Paul” movement now morphs into the Liberty Movement there is a real chance that these two distinct conservative movements, with much in common, can work together to take over the Republican Party.  Cruz is a perfect example of this . . . both the Tea Party and the Liberty Movement have common enemies –  a dismissive media, entrenched political power in DC and statehouses across the land, and establishment Republican officeholders who care more about power than principle.

Another good example is the grassroots coalition being put together by Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia.  In the recent congressional district conventions that elected members to the state central committee (and thus, control of the party) Cuccinelli worked studiously with Paulites in the state to beat back the establishment and take over the state central committee.  Winning the SCC meant that conservatives in Virginia control the party and we won’t see Establishment meddling in his Convention fight against Bill Bolling.

I’m excited in hoping Cruz can pull this monumental upset over Dewhurst.  He’s a scholar and someone I’m confident will go to the Senate not to beg for table scraps but to defend the Constitution.  His campaign has been a home for all conservatives of every stripe and that is how he looks like he might be overtaking an entrenched incumbent in a superstate like Texas that.  If Cruz pulls this off, I think it is by far the biggest feather in the cap of the Tea Party.  It is bigger than Florida because, as catchy as the nickname many RedState folks coined, its unfair to compare David Dewhurst to Charlie Crist.  Dew would never have embraced Barack Obama, for starters.  But Dewhurst is a conservative pre-Tea Party and one of those conservatives that have seen the ground shift from underneath them.  Cruz could be the best senator on Capitol Hill – he has constitutional insight of Mike Lee, the political balls of Jim DeMint, and the future of Marco Rubio.

Let’s get this done, Texas!