Mourdock's Tea Party 2.0

No political cycle can be the same.

The raw energy that drove the tea party to victory over victory in 2010 will never be replicated because things change and people learn from both mistakes and victories.  Tactics change, candidates and campaigns evolve.  The tea party movement of 2010 was such raw expression of political power that it push forward just as many flawed candidates (Angle, O’Donnell) as talented one (Paul, Lee, Rubio) . . . and some in between like Miller and Buck.  To suggest that out-right revolt can be replicated in 2012 is foolish.  What the Tea Party needs to do is use the energy of 2010 and envelope the GOP into their movement, not the other way around.

Richard Mourdock is the perfect representation of this movement.

Mourdock is not your classic tea party Senate candidate.  He’s not young, politically inexperienced, from the private sector, or a constitutional scholar.  He’s a politician, and one that has lost as much as he’s won.  But Mourdock IS a conservative and clearly is not afraid to embrace the tea party label.  Mourdock’s embrace of the tea party is something that should be the future of this movement.  Our movement.

Richard Mourdock represents the Tea Party not revolting against the GOP Establishment, it represents the Tea Party taking over the GOP itself.  We should all applaud this movement and help that Dan Liljianquist and Ted Cruz join Mourdock in taking over the GOP.