Preparing For Our New Population

What was once a wild idea for my next novel, about a nightmarish future vision of a communist America, is now close to becoming reality.  So rather than waiting to finish my novel, I must reveal this idea here and warn as many people as possible while there’s still time.  The idea: liberal partisans, through lax immigration policy enforcement and  Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating south of our southern border, are actively recruiting, training, and assisting legions of illegal aliens to enter the U.S.  Their goal 30 million new democratic voters.  You might remember that number, 30 million, it is the exact number of Americans sixties radicals estimated they would need to eliminate to exact their utopian revolution.  Having found the logistics of eliminating 30 million Americans impractical, they instead decided to import 30 million new democratic voters – their plan is almost realized. Evidence of this revolutionary scheme will be revealed in the next few paragraphs, but first I must explain how I happened upon it.

George Orwell, and his books Animal Farm and 1984, had a profound influence on my life. After having children I saw the wisdom of his tact in warning future generations about the hidden evils of communism via futuristic scenarios rather than by preaching.  It was my appreciation of Orwell’s work that led to stumbling into the hobby of writing futuristic novels of warning based on the logical extension of current liberal policies. My first was, Carbon Zero, a glimpse of what life will be like in America in the year 2076, after years of phony global warming solutions.  I never dreamed my next novel idea would start unfolding before my eyes – until I came across the following evidence.

During our recent health care debate, Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary said, “We must prepare for our new population.”  What “new population“ I wondered?  With U.S. birthrates at an almost all-time low, it could only mean one thing – illegal immigrants. After witnessing thousands of illegal immigrants participate in communist May Day protests, I came across the next piece of evidence.

While inadvertently listening to public radio, our next piece of evidence was exposed. A liberal partisan news correspondent in the field mentioned the NGOs operating in South America to the host.  The host seemed to need little explanation as to the mission of these NGOs, or who was funding them, but was thoroughly pleased at the progress they were making educating South Americans about socialist doctrine. Then it dawned on me, of course, why would American communists limit their activities within our borders.  

Merging these two pieces of evidence brought me to the third: Illegal immigrants used to be very pro-capitalist and loved America, something had caused a philosophical change in their attitudes; a change in attitudes of poor agrarian peoples, many of whom could not even read and write, where were they getting versed in America-hating and communist doctrine?  Someone has to be teaching and training these legions of communists – which led me to the afore mentioned theory on NGOs.

The evidence cited at least justifies a need to learn more about the operation of socialist NGOs and their funding sources, also an explanation of what Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary meant with her clear, confident, and well spoken comment.

Millions of pro-communist illegal aliens exposing themselves this May 1st , May Day, demanding your votes, your will, and your rights be trampled don’t just materialize from thin air. Which bring us to my last point of concern.

Remember the sixties radical’s plans of eliminating 30 million Americans to usher in their drug-induced utopia?  It was a well documented dream of Bill Ayers and his ilk who now run our college campuses and even the White House.  They spoke openly of their planned revolution, you can see their protégés everywhere, they’re the ones wearing the “Che t-shirts.”  While their means of exacting their communist utopian dreams were proven impractical, and they really didn’t have the stomach to do the dirty elimination work, they figured adding 30 million communists would be a better way. That brings us to today. Observing our current illegal immigration situation and their leftist benefactors. You would be wise to research this theory I have outlined here, and if you share mine and George Orwell’s passion – start warning your friends and family; while doing all you can to push these leftist utopians back to the shadows, via the 2010 elections, before it’s too late.

Staff Writer – factapple.com