The 2010 Census - Freedom's Last Stand

As we focus on the upcoming elections, few are aware that the battle for America’s future may already be lost, even if conservatives are victorious in November.  The reason, the 2010 census will forever change the voter roles in America. Thousands of democratic party activists are in the streets working for and promoting this census for one reason – to collect the names and addresses of every illegal immigrant in the country; names and addresses that will then be used to register millions of voters.  Once they are recorded, there will be no way to separate the fraudulent names from citizens’.

Don’t believe me – ask yourself why the democrats eliminated the citizenship question in this year’s census?  Why are so many liberal and pro-amnesty activist groups hands-on engaged and promoting the inclusion of illegal immigrants in this census?  Why is the United States government hiring illegal immigrants as census workers, when there are so many citizens looking for work? 

The time for naiveté is over, your country, your vote, is literally being stolen right in front of your eyes one census form at a time.

The hypothetical situation I have described above is the mild version of the potential voter fraud opportunities that exist using corrupt census data.  An engaged, politically motivated census staff could even fabricate names and addresses, there will be no way to verify them all on such a large scale.  So, your freedom is totally dependent on this crop of census workers’ moral character.  Just imagine what an activist group, that had no qualms about producing fraudulent voter registrants in the past, could do as the front-line gatekeepers of the authoritative record of all the nations names and addresses?  



I understand this may be too much for many of you to believe, but so was massive voter fraud just a couple of years ago.  I implore you to reconsider, if only based on the fact that the citizenship question was eliminated alone.  If you don’t, here is the likely scenario you will see develop in only a few short months: You will hear news stories about the unusually high number of Independent voter registrations occurring. You will assume it’s being caused by disenfranchised republicans, or newly engaged voters motivated by our current political situation. Next, the polls will show conservatives leading up to the elections, then conservatives will suffer a huge defeat securing power for the democrats for years to come as all those new Independent voters mysteriously voted democratic. All those new independent voters were names and addresses gathered from illegal immigrants for the 2010 census.
Many republicans did not believe voter fraud could have been happening on such a vast scale until 2008.  We are making the same good intentioned, fair-minded mistake again by trusting and not verifying that this census is done accurately, by only counting citizens. 


These liberal activist groups are playing for keeps, working by, “any means necessary,” to continue transforming your country – we need to humble ourselves a little and get out in the streets with the same sense of urgency demanding our political representatives stop and add the citizenship question back in this census.  Call your Senator now, keep calling until this travesty is stopped – this could be the end-game for freedom as we have known and loved it in America.


W. Lavelle