Nikita Khrushchev's War on the American Dream

During a state visit to Los Angeles in 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev accused his hosts of staging all of the cars on the L.A. freeways to impress him.  Later, Nikita learned that the American middle class really was that affluent, that’s when he launched his war against the American Dream.Khrushchev realized communism would never take root amidst such prosperity; he needed disenfranchised masses to exact his communist revolution.  His first targets were African American communities.  Economic statistics from the early sixties confirm Khrushchev’s successful efforts, as the trending upward mobility of African Americans stopped, almost as if someone had flicked as switch.  More and more fringe and minority communities were targeted, the ranks of Khrushchev’s army designed to topple the American dream were growing.

The American Dream fought back. Despite infiltration of government, universities, the arts, and news agencies the communist propaganda did not convince enough Americans to give up the dream; more people were needed, more people were found by the unofficial lowering of Americas guard and enforcement of immigration laws.  Which brings us to today, years after his death, his army fully amassed, stands ready to strike the final blow to the American Dream. 

I learned about Khrushchev’s intentions back in the late seventies first-hand, from the mouths of communist agitators on American university campuses; the same place your favorite television news personalities learned of the movement, but unlike them, I have been warning people for over 25 years.  Others with similar backgrounds as mine knew of the war as well, some only spoke of it at insider parties, others held their tongues for fear of liberal media attacks and falling ratings.  It has been frustrating, but the good news is the word is finally reaching national audiences via conservative radio personalities like Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.




For my part I have talked people off picket lines and painfully reasoned many people out of the trance of communism. I have written two books, Carbon Zero and Spirits at Dawn, specifically designed to speak to young secular adults, to plant the seeds of historical fact and reason in such obvious quantity to break through their egos and plant the seeds of thought so one day they might harvest rational conclusions; having learned long ago the only way to dissuade a young communist is to make them think it was there idea all along.As America slowly awakens to Khrushchev’s plot, now is the time to put an end to the debate between communism and capitalism once and for all – It’s time for a solution, and I believe I have found one: The Community Lifestyle Measure, a plan that harnesses the power of capitalism and the good intentioned collectivism of communism.  It’s very simple, based on the old adage: you can’t manage what you can’t measure, and more of a self-propelling mechanism than a plan. Here’s how it works: establish and collect data for quality-of-life indicators of communities, including: average income, crime rate, unemployment rate, high school graduation rate, environmental condition, health and disease rates, homeownership, and even some psychographic survey findings like self-esteem rates.  Next, corporations operating in those communities would simply include those measures in their quarterly and yearly goals.  Budgeted increases would be incorporated just as sales and profit goals are.  Corporations would receive a 2% decrease in Federal, State, and local taxes for their voluntary participation and encouraged to bonus the best and brightest executives, just like they do for sales and profits, for meeting and exceeding community lifestyle goal targets.  Then just stand back and watch.  Serving on corporate boards and as a marketing professional for many years, I have seen no power to problem solve like that of America’s best and brightest business professional when presented with a goal target with a bonus attached to it. 


Aside from engaging “Type-A” problem solvers and the creative results-based initiatives they create, the Community Lifestyle Measure will help corporations channel their charitable resources toward these lifestyle factors in the communities they operate in, directly affecting the quality of life of all Americans.  And best of all, the program does not cost a penny unless results are achieved, and any return on investment in areas like unemployment, graduation, and crime rates, make a 2% tax reduction a very small price to pay.  If you like this free-market, community responsible, idea please pass it on to your elected representatives, and check factapple.com for updates on the plans progress.




W. Lavelle                                                                                                                                                        www.factapple.com/ripe.html#nikita