Lloyd Doggett Hides from Constituents, Runs Away from Debate w/ Dr. Campbell

The official word is in. Lloyd Doggett will not debate Dr. Donna Campbell for the congressional seat in District 25-TX. And frankly, no surprises here. Lloyd Doggett HATES being challenged, questioned, and generally unappreciated for his ongoing efforts to propose a Washington solution to every problem under the sun for the unwashed rubes he rules over in Austin.

We already saw him flee constituents at his own town hall on Obamacare last year. We saw him bash these same constituents on national TV with Chris Mathews. We heard him call the tea parties “a bitter brew” and “mob scene.” And then to rub the voters faces in it, he admitted he would have voted for Obamacare, opposed by a nearly 2 to 1 margin in Texas, “just based on it’s opposition” – again, that’s to spite the free-thinking tea party folks.

If you haven’t become acquainted with Lloyd Doggett yet, you haven’t met the Al Franken of Texas. Only we’ve been stuck with him a lot longer than the saps in Minnesota who elected Stuart Smalley (on a side note, Lloyd might be snider).

On Saturday, Mr. Doggett refused Donna Campbell’s invitation for a debate. She had already secured the venue and was seeking his input for a moderator, but the 16 year Democrat incumbent laughed the invitation off as her trying “to get him to come to her tea party rally.”

As you can see, the guy is obsessed with tea parties. He also spends all his time campaigning against straw men, whether imagined privatized voucher systems that will rob seniors of their social security or Tom DeLay and Governor Perry’s back room conspiracies to kick him out of office. Hello, uh, Lloyd? In this election, you are running against the emergency room physician and mom from Columbus, Texas – not those politicians.

Campbell has posed a serious challenge to Lloyd Doggett in a blue district where few, if any Democrats have ever been challenged. And it’s become clear that Doggett is running scared – or just plain running because Democrats (and the left-friendly media) let him get away with these lame tried-and-true, yellow dog antics.

So what are the good doctor’s chances? It’s hard to say, but Real Clear Politics did move the race from a safe seat to a likely Democrat seat last week – and that’s a move in the right direction for Campbell. Debate or not, It’s all going to depend on suburban conservative and rural turnout.

Give Donna Campbell some love if you get the chance by visiting her website and making a contribution. This race is just outside the top 100, but definitely one to watch – a chance to demoralize Democrats in one of the hotbeds of liberalism.