Luke Opens Training Center for F-35 Pilots

Air Force officials, legislators, aerospace and defense industry representatives and others gathered in Arizona this week for the inaugural event to mark the opening of the first F-35 training center at Luke Air Force Base. The new facility will serve as the primary pilot training center for F-35 Lightning II pilots, including those from Joint Strike Fighter program partner countries.

From The Arizona Republic coverage:

Select fighter jet pilots will transition from a gleaming new building at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale to some of the grittiest locations on Earth, according Air Force Gen. Robin Rand, who visited the base to mark the completion of the $47 million Academic Training Center building late last week.

The building essentially is the Air Force’s F-35 flight school.

U.S. and foreign military pilots are expected train side by side at the building for decades to come. Air Force brass, elected officials, aerospace- industry executives, current and future pilots and support personnel previewed the building Thursday during an outdoor ceremony under clear skies.

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