Obama, Osama and Shabazz

I admit I’m having a hard time following the intricacies of racial politics here….

So Al Qaeda is officially a racist organization that oppresses Africans and murders them.  Al Qaeda is headed by Osama Bin Laden.  Osama Bin Laden was praised (we’ve all seen the video) by that Shabaz guy from the New Black Panther Party.  Does that mean the NBPP is racist for supporting (loudly, with lots of audience cheering, clapping, and joy) a guy that heads an organization that oppresses and murders under racist motives?

Can someone help me out, because I think my head is exploding?

In fact the declaration is revealing of Obama’s thinking (for those that hadn’t caught on) about race, and I can think of no alternative explanation that fits the facts. In reality, Al Qaeda’s tactics in Africa, and motives, are no different than anywhere else in the world. They seek to force non-muslims into converting to Islam, and for non-Muslim societies and cultures to adopt Islamic law. In Obama’s eyes though, it isn’t the motivation that determines if the organization is racist. The determining factor is the target. The reason, argument, logic, purpose, motivation or state-of-mind are irrelevant.  It is all about skin color.

In Uganda, Al Qaeda did what Al Qaeda does. They did it for the same reasons they have done it elsewhere, against other people.  But the Ugandans are African, and in Obama’s eyes what they did must be linked to skin pigment.  There is no other way.

I think, sadly, that this view insults the loss that others have suffered at the hands of Al Qaeda.  By Obama’s reasoning it makes them less noteworthy, less important, different. Mere accidents of circumstance not related to what Al Qaeda is really about: Oppressing African.