Grammar as a ! on the decline of western philosophy

I’ve been thinking about this, and I really think that this represents a systemic problem that is occurring in many fields. Some would say it is intentional on the part of certain segments of would be ruling class. If it is, that’s it’s own argument.

What strikes me is that in several fields, the pursuit, and expression, of novel ideas has See Morebecome more fashionable than the exploration of fundamental ideas. To me this can be seen in law, language, economics and social sciences. A part of that is probably that it provides an easier path to publication, and career advancement. Unfortunately the effects are a loss of understanding of the core principles that make much of our society function.

In this regard, economics and law are certainly more critical than grammar. Novelty replacing principle in those areas isn’t just frustrating, or passingly amusing. It has eaten at our foundations. We have economists that can’t explain wealth, and Jurists that don’t understand the origin of law. They can each create a new system of thinking out of whole cloth and argue it’s value as equivalent to those systems that have evolved over centuries, and take themselves seriously while doing it.

Without a deep cultural understanding of the principles of these systems, we are doomed to fail in preserving them. The generations that formed the founding of this nation succeeded in bringing together the ideas of the declaratioin because the society of the time made those ideas the fabric of their interactions. Today’s fabric is TMZ and E!.

If we want to preserve 20-something hotties on drinking binges and extra-marital affairs, we are well equipped for the future. If it’s law, commerce and debate that we’re trying to hang on to, we are destitute.