Thank You President George W. Bush

Thank you President George W. Bush for being an excellent President.

You cared about the things that I care about.

You kept my taxes low for the time you were in office.

You advocated for the unborn in your policies on abortion and stem cell research.

You kept the terrorists away from our shores and showed a strong reaction to 9/11.

You put two strict constructionists on the Supreme Court and nominated many other good judges to other important posts.

You kept a strong military and skilfully used an all-volunteer force to support various conflicts throughout the world.

You, for the most part, supported Israel and its rights as a sovereign nation to defend itself.

You created a very diverse cabinet, giving choice positions to very qualified African-Americans.

You did not hide your faith in God and humbly leaned on Him publicly at tough times.  I respect that greatly.

Having experienced 8 presidents, you have been the one who most cared about the things that are important to me.  I frankly don’t care how history will remember you, President Bush.  I suspect you don’t either.

Thank you and well done, Sir.