Is There a Need to Amend the Constitution?

There is something seriously wrong in our country. It seems we can no longer count on the U.S. Constitution to be a firm foundation on which we go about our daily lives. We have a President who thinks himself an Emperor, some on the Supreme Court who don’t seem to know the plain meaning of English language words in common usage and some in Congress who willingly step all over the rights of We The People in order to make themselves more popular back home, or curry favor with special interest groups.

Maybe what is needed are some new Amendments to the Constitution, though in light of the previous statement there can be no guarantee that even new Amendments would correct the problems.

Firstly, we need a new Amendment to recognize the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms. It’s not that I think the one we have already is deficient or lacking in any way, but when a Supreme Court Justice can find nothing that guarantees an individual right to Keep and Bear Arms in the Constitution, perhaps we need some new language that even the super educated can comprehend.

Secondly, we need some Amendment that could rein in the diabolical use of the Commerce Clause against We the People. The clause in question was never intended to be used by our own government as a bludgeon to destroy our liberty, but look what’s happened in the past several decades. It’s been used in an attempt to destroy the Second Amendment by regulating the tiniest minutia of every transaction involving firearms and ammunition. Most recently it’s being used in an effort to force all Americans to buy into Obama-Care. The Commerce Clause was intended to be a vehicle by which the Federal Government could facilitate trade between the several States of the Union by taking down trade barriers between the States. Look how it is being used today.

Lastly, we need to repeal the 17th Amendment. I have no doubt but that the Senate would be a vastly different boby today if the 17th Amendment were to be repealed. Because of the 17th Amendment, the Senate has become nothing more than a glorified House of Representatives. Not that the House of Representatives is entirely a bad thing, but it was supposed to be the representatives of the People while the Senate was supposed to be the representatives of the various States. As it is now, both are representatives of the People and the States have no voice in Washington. Look at what is happening in the States, and then look at what is happening in the Senate with each States two Senators, and you can plainly see that the States aren’t represented in Washington. The idea of having the Senate directly elected by the people may have seemed a noble cause, but it’s been an abject failure, and it’s present makeup has failed We the People and the States.