To Romney or not to Romney, that is the question.

I need a little air, perhaps a bit of light on the subject would help. I’m somewhat burned out with the current election cycle, and there’s still 7 months until the big day. Sometimes I get just plain tired of fighting the good fight. Not because the fight isn’t worth the fight, but it seems so often that no one is listening anyway. Everyone clamoring to be heard, and nobody hearing. It’s frustrating.

Well, on to the Mitt of the subject, so to speak. If Romney ends up being our party’s nominee once the convention wraps up at the end of August I’ll get behind him 100%. The problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to get that excited about the guy. It’s like he’s been running for the Republican nomination for 6 years, and can’t seem to inspire more than about 30% of Republicans to get behind him at any given time.

A look at his record as Governor of Massachusetts has turned a lot of people off, myself included. Romneycare being perhaps the biggest issue that comes to mind, but he was also no champion of Gun Rights, Right to Life and several smaller issues dear to conservatives.

My problem with him on Romneycare is that he defends it. I’m baffled by the logic used to justify it. On the one hand he has told us that the individual mandate in Romneycare is okay, and on the other hand he tells us that the individual mandate in Obamacare is unconstitutional. I ask myself, “How can this be?”. Is it a matter of States Rights? I can’t see how. The residents of the State of Massachusetts are Citizens of the United States, not Massachusetts, and as such are entitled to the same protections from overreaching bureaucrats as all the rest of the citizenry of the United States. After all, are we not all United States Citizens? Can I be forced to buy some product or another in any one of 50 little serfdoms where I may choose to reside? Or am I free to reside where I choose throughout the 50 states and not be forced to purchase a product of any kind against my will? Maybe Michigan should pass a law requiring residents to buy only Detroit built automobiles or pay a stiff fine should they opt to buy a foreign car. Would that fly? I think not.

One last thought before I retire. About 8 years ago, the residents of California, United States Citizens all, well almost all, gave the boot to a Governor who had misinformed them as to the depth of the states budget problems prior to the last election. Conservatives were led to the polls with the voices of the pundits still ringing in their ears that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only electable candidate in the race. There were other, more conservative candidates on the ballot, but Schwarzenegger won the day. He was, after all, the only electable candidate. Schwarzenegger was a disaster as Governor, and did nothing at all for the conservative cause. Now I’m hearing those same pundits voices tickling my ears once again and saying, “Mitt Romney is the only electable candidate, Mitt Romney is the only electable candidate”. It’s like the man said, “I having Deja Vu all over again”.