Single Payer Health Insurance By Proxy

In addition to all of the other bad ideas already in the House and Senate health reform bills, President Obama added one more by establishing a national Health Insurance Rate Authority to control the price of health insurance in America. Ostensibly meant to reign in capricious rate increases by evil insurance companies, they will serve instead to ration care as insurance companies reduce the availability of benefits in order to counteract the effect of government price controls. Rather than open the health insurance market to interstate competition, the effect of which would serve as a natural deterrent to arbitrary rate increases, the Obama Administration has chosen instead to stick its thumb further on the health insurance market by mandating not only what you MUST buy, but how much the government will allow insurers to charge for it. This is single payer health insurance by proxy. President Obama claims his health insurance plan is not some “bolshevik plot!” If the government is telling you what you MUST buy and how much you MUST pay for it, you be the judge.