Santa Clause isn't PC

To anyone has been living out from underneath a large rock in the last 40 years, it’s not surprising that free speech is nothing more than a cute little needlepoint saying. It’s so adorable when a young buck espouses free speech. It’s almost like believing in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. Interestingly enough they’re both really creepy. Thanks to the moronification of the country by the PC movement, engaging in real free speech, you know, where you talk about the facts and what not, is as scary as telling a murderous clown that’s not funny.

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann is no stranger to the wrath of the PC police. In an interview with Chris Matthews on Hardball, Bachmann simply reflected the fears of her constituents and, many others around the country. You know, what a Representative is supposed to do, listen to the people. She simply said that Barack Obama “may have anti-American” views. Hold the phone! You can’t question a liberals’ hatred of this country! That goes against Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” You can’t let them know how radical he actually is. Joe Wurzelbacher was and is being vilified because he caused Obama to reveal his Socialism too soon. Even our buddy Nostrabiden said we’re not going to like them during their first two years in office. Maybe that’s because in the real world socialism becomes violent communism. Or maybe it’s just because we get tired of looking at plugs.

It’s good to know that you can’t talk about your feelings. Michele Bachmann can’t say that she feels Barack Obama may have anti-American views. She can’t even feel that way when all the neon signs point to Obama being a socialist which is, in itself, socialist. You have to hate this country and everything it stands for to want to dismantle capitalism. Capitalism, a.k.a. the force that allowed Barack Obama to write his memoirs in his 40’s and make a fortune. That kind of capitalism.

The MSM is making such a big deal out of a simple comment a conservative made yet no one seems to care that Obama is schooled and taught others in the Alinsky method or that he’s chummy with a domestic terrorist. They also don’t care that Obama’s brand of religion is a truly disgusting and hateful kind that is blasphemy to call it anything remotely close to Christianity. Not only are they making a big deal out of it, the pressure has caused Bachmann to essentially retract her statement, at least the portion they chose.

The AP decides to put quotes around Bachmann’s statement that it was a “big mistake” to go on Hardball making it seem like she’s saying her comments were a big mistake. The real big mistake here is thinking that this country really believes in free speech. Free speech only if you agree with the PC Gulag. Go ahead and make fun of Caucasian Southerners, stomp all over their flag, call them racist like fatty Murtha but don’t say anything about Obama being anti-American. Don’t mention that it’s odd to keep Hussein as your middle name, don’t mention that his Kenyan father took a spot in American schools, knocked up his mother then abandoned the family. Those are totally off limits. Socialism is off limits because everyone knows that that’s not what Obama espouses because if he really did he wouldn’t be sitting on his money. If he thought it was important to spread the wealth around he’d be giving a lot more in charity now wouldn’t he. He really shouldn’t be Robin Hood for Halloween. No, I think Obama should be Pinocchio as a robber. He wants to steal your money then lie to your face about it. That sounds like a really bad Lifetime movie.

Bachmann is now saying this, “I did not say that Barack Obama was anti-American, nor do I believe Barack Obama is anti-American. He loves his country, just as everyone in this room does.” I disagree, I think we should question not only patriotism but the motives of a guy that would write his memoirs in his 40’s. He’s one of thousands of people that have dabbled in cocaine; probably a lot of them from the ivies and the like. It’s called rebellion of the privileged. It’s also called poor judgment.

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