Go ahead: attack me, but I want to save the Constitution at all costs.

I have been awake since 4am. I woke up and my first thought was, “Oh God, Justice Scalia is dead!” It feels just like when my grandmother died and I was devastated, heartbroken, and numb.  She was that overwhelmingly good person, who everyone knows in their lives. That one moral and emotional compass, who no matter what, and no matter how difficult the situation, will always support you and give you the right answer. Maybe not the answer you want, but the answer that is the right thing to do. So, when she died my heart was broken and for months I didn’t recover. I would wake up each morning and first thing, feel that terrible drop in my gut when I remembered she was dead. Well, when I woke up at 4am I had that same feeling about Justice Scalia.

Antonin Scalia was not just some vague figure in black that sat on some court in DC for me.  He was the defender of freedom, my freedom.  Scalia was the most important warrior Americans had in saving and maintaining the Constitution and our individual liberty.

As an immigrant to this country,  from a country where individual rights were routinely infringed upon or denied entirely for the good of the state, I have a different perspective than native-born citizens about the Constitution and the blessings it offers. To me, the Constitution is the ultimate weapon in the fight for freedom; and it is the thing that Scalia understood best and cherished above all else.

I escaped a supposedly civilized country where you could be picked up by the police and disappear for days without getting a phone call or your family knowing where you were. You could be held indefinitely by the army without a warrant and interrogated. People think that this could never come to America. But if you do not have the right to bear arms who is to stop them when the police or army decides to break down your doors and come and take you away? Scalia was the one who wrote the Heller decision that secured the right for “individuals” to bear arms.

Losing a leader like Scalia on the court is not just losing one Justice. His logic, charm, and knowledge of the intricate detail of Constitutional law, coupled with the respect built up over years on the court, enabled Scalia to influence many minds on the court and around the country. Not every decision came down to 5-4 and many other decisions were won because he used his incredible knowledge and writing in one dissent to lay the foundations for a win on a later case. He was the unparalleled defender of our Constitutional liberties.

So, it is with this in mind that I put forward my proposal. I know there will be many that will attack me and I am prepared for that. But for me it comes down to saving the Constitution, and the liberty that so many Americans take for granted. It is those freedoms that I will be eternally grateful for, and will never stop fighting to uphold.

My proposal is simple: Donald Trump can never be allowed to be our nominee because he can never be allowed to put left- leaning justices on the Supreme Court. I believe there is a righteous anger among the American people because the establishment GOP leadership has not stood up to Obama and challenged him on his radical agenda.  In order to win the nomination and the election to save the Supreme Court and the Constitution, we have to accept that the public want to vote for a candidate that they see has stood with them, against Obama.  At the moment they see that candidate as Trump, and that is our problem.

Donald Trump has fractured the GOP, and if he wins the nomination, there will be no Conservative/Libertarian/Republican factions of the GOP anymore because put simply, the party will cease to exist. Donald and his national populist party will take over America for at least the next 8 years. In that time, many Supreme Court vacancies will occur. Right now the greatest Justice of my lifetime has died, and I do not want to risk giving Donald Trump the opportunity to immediately change the balance of the court. Trump has no record that could be construed as Conservative, or even moderate Republican. Indeed he has been tweeting attacks against both Conservatives and Republicans this week. He has questionable respect for the authority of the Constitution and seems to pay lip service to whatever he needs to in order to get votes. We cannot risk giving him the ability to place a lifetime nominee on the Supreme Court.

Therefore, I propose that we should come together and vote for whatever GOP candidate has the best chance in each state to beat Donald Trump — whoever is leading in that state’s polls right before the election (other than Trump). South Carolina is winner take all. Depriving Trump of those delegates is essential. It doesn’t matter who comes second or third or fourth, they will not get any delegates in winner-takes-all states. If the voters realize that we are coming together it can only help the other candidates, and gain them good will.

Right now in South Carolina by polling that candidate is Ted Cruz. If it were Marco Rubio leading right now in South Carolina, I would be saying vote for Marco. If last night’s debate ends up switching who is in second behind Trump, I’ll support whoever he is. In Nevada, it looks like Marco has a great ground game and has a very good chance there. So I say let’s back Marco in Nevada and Cruz in South Carolina and stop Trump from getting any more wins.

If it comes down to Rubio and Cruz battling for the nomination I can take that. I have confidence that both of these men would nominate strict Conservatives to the Supreme Court. But we have one week left to the South Carolina primary, and we cannot allow disunity to hand him the win. Can we unite our party and stop Trump from fracturing us, so that we lose the Supreme Court for my entire lifetime and perhaps that of my children too? Imagine if a Trump lets a leftist Justice replace him.

Please consider my proposal. I am committed to supporting both Rubio and Cruz as the top two contenders against Trump. As the polling comes out close to the actual primary election day whichever candidate is polling ahead should get our combined support to take down Trump in that state. Or if we are lucky enough to get Trump out of the race, then  we can return to our normal campaign modes. But the Supreme Court is just too important.  Both have good chances to win several states and keep Trump from the nomination. Even if the other candidates stay in and can manage a win in a state that will stop Trump, then I will support them for that state as long as their delegates never go to Trump.

Please do not take my plea as an attack on candidates who are not Rubio or Cruz (though it IS an attack on Trump, for sure), but I see that these two are the only way to ensure that Trump does not get an opportunity to place a leftist Justice on the Supreme Court. As the great Ronald Reagan once said,”Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

This is a time for choosing. I choose the US Constitution. I want to save it. In South Carolina, I think Cruz can stop Trump. If I were there this week and was a GOP supporter of any of the other candidates I would throw my support to Cruz. Likewise when Nevada comes around, if South Carolina does that for Cruz, and beats Trump, I think Rubio can stop him.  If I was in Nevada I would vote Rubio. These two primaries come before Super Tuesday. That could hand Trump two big losses that could really hurt him in the delegate count and hurt his inevitability meme.

Super Tuesday is very hard to predict and we would have to see how the polls were going, but I think at least for these first two and maybe even going into Super Tuesday this strategy could work.  Stopping Trump is the goal and having strict Constitutionalist Justices nominated to the Supreme Court. Would it be that awful to have a Cruz/Rubio ticket or a Rubio/Cruz ticket, if we get the Supreme Court and Trump doesn’t get to put a partial-birth-abortion-supporting left-leaning Justice up there, or worse still go with Obama’s nominee?

I fully expect to be attacked by the Trump supporters and I do  not care. I only care about the Constitution. If I thought for half a second that Bush or Carson or Kasich could win, their names would be up here instead; but their names are not up here because they simply do  not have a chance in South Carolina and we have one week to stop Trump. Spreading our collective support among so many candidates polling in single digits does nothing but help Trump. We need the combined support of Cruz and Rubio voters and anyone else we can get to overcome Trump’s numbers.

I know yesterday I wrote a diary to ask Carson supporters to vote for Cruz, but now yesterday seems like a lifetime away for me. Justice Scalia was alive and I honestly thought he looked great. I never ever thought that he wouldn’t last the next four-year term. So I was happy to at least let the primaries play out with Rubio and Cruz going back and forth, and was really only trying to stop Dr. Carson from helping Trump as a spoiler, because I still cannot see any true path to the nomination for Dr. Carson. If you want to lay out a money path and a delegate-count path to prove it for me, so be it. I have looked at the delegates and there just isn’t a way forward for him. If it helps you any, my original choice last time for President was Governor Perry and he dropped out last time and I had to reassess; and this time round, Governor Walker, who I liked, dropped out too. So I have had to rethink things too.

So there it is, my proposal to heal the rift that Trump has caused in the factions of the GOP, but most importantly a way to save the Supreme Court and in so doing save the Constitution. I do this in all sincerity and with respect for everyone. And yes, if Marco Rubio is showing higher in the polls on Friday in South Carolina, you bet I say everyone vote for him instead of Cruz. It’s that simple, put our votes together and stop Trump. Save the Supreme Court, save the Constitution.

Now go ahead attack me. That’s freedom of political speech under the First Amendment, I welcome it. But remember that without Justices like Scalia, you would have a lot less of that freedom.