A Plea to Dr. Carson Voters In South Carolina

Ben Carson is a kind, decent man, but he has no real chance of winning the nomination. I think he would be a wonderful leader for African-American youth and a great surgeon general. He has no realistic path to win the nomination this time. He can, however, really hurt Conservatives in this primary, and hand the nomination to Trump. For Conservatives who support Carson, I am entreating you to please considering voting for Cruz in South Carolina to stop Trump.
I know many of you may still be upset about Carsongate in Iowa; it should never have happened, but it did. Cruz apologized straight away, he was unaware that it happened at the time, and he has tried to make things right with Dr. Carson.
Cruz did not fire the person responsible, and perhaps that is unacceptable to you. I can understand that.  I also understand Cruz’s view that throwing a campaign worker under the bus is passing the buck. Frankly, the person – once identified – would be hounded by the media, and Trump’s supporters are so invasive they would probably personally attack and vilify them on social media. Also, it could be a volunteer who went to Iowa on their own dime to help out, who has gone home already.
Most Cruz supporters really liked Dr. Carson and would not have intentionally wanted to hurt his campaign.  CNN’s Dana Bash was the one who ignored Chris Moody’s other twitter messages and continued her spin on the initial message they received. Then CNN, after the spreading the “information” on Carson, saw the opportunity to hurt another Conservative, Cruz. So CNN tried to expunge themselves of any part in this and blame anyone but themselves for their unprofessional behavior.
Finally, Trump has exploited Carsongate for his own benefit. Do not forget that it was Trump who referred to Dr. Carson as “pathological,” associating him with pedophiles and perverts, earlier in the campaign and has yet to apologize. In fact Cruz supporters were outraged when Trump made these vile comments and made that known very loudly. Trump is no Conservative and yet he is dividing Conservatives to help himself. On Wednesday, Trump blamed Conservatives for betraying the grassroots with the Republicans. That is just not true. Ted Cruz voted against every bad bill , every bad spending bill, every bad immigration bill,  Cruz stood alone against Obamacare, Cruz fought for the people and so did Mike Lee. Conservatives are not Republicans. Trump is not a Conservative.
So, I am asking you to please consider voting for Cruz in South Carolina to support the Conservative message that is being attacked by Donald Trump. Vote strategically in SC, in an internal poll released this week Cruz is only 6 points back from Trump. Carson cannot win South Carolina, but Cruz can. Please make your vote count. Dr. Ben Carson is a Conservative for the future, but do not let your support for him give us Donald Trump now. Please join with Conservatives and vote for the one Conservative in South Carolina that is close enough in the polls to beat Trump. If Trump loses South Carolina, everything changes and his “inevitability” will wear off.