Time for a Perry surge

Santorum came out of nowhere in Iowa. The press coverage of his surge was enough to help him come in second and earn the title of frontrunner.

It’s time to promote our own surge for Perry in South Carolina.  Perry was leading the state originally; it seems that people liked what they saw on policies and record, until the early debate stumbles. For those who think that Perry is dead, that is what the talking heads said about Santorum just one week ago.

Remember why you liked Perry:

1. His record of job creation and a strong economy in Texas

2. His energy plan

3. His jobs plan

4. His flat tax plan

5. His willingness to fight Obama on Obamacare and the EPA

6. His proud support of the TEA party

7. His strong contrast to the values and policies of Barack Obama

Let’s revisit our choices and the MSM meme for each candidate:

a. Mitt Romney.

Mr. Inevitable, the establishment choice, will be attacked as Mr. Bain Capital, Mr. Wall Street, and the author of Romneycare. Seventy-five percent of Republicans don’t want him as their nominee; this lukewarm support will hurt us down the ballot. The MSM wants him as the nominee; therefore I doubt that he can win.

b. Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich is open to attacks on his adultery, his payout from Freddie Mac, and his ethics problems as Speaker. He supports the global warming crowd and wants to spend government – meaning our  – money on Alzheimer’s research. His approach is that big government is fine as long as he decides what programs get our money.

c. Rick Santorum.

Santorum is already being attacked as a homophobe, a racist, and a right-wing extremist. More importantly, his electability: he lost his last election by a landslide. He is not a  fiscal conservative – he took ear-marks and campaigned against Jim DeMint for being against earmarks. He is pro-union, having supported the Davis-Bacon Act (a government regulation of wages) and having voted against the national right to work bill. He is already being portrayed as too extreme on social issues; that’s not a problem in the primary, but huge in the general election. He likes big government and voted for too many big government programs.  He has no executive experience and no jobs record. He was able to win Iowa only because no one attacked him and he supported ethanol subsidies. He lost his own state in his last election. He cannot beat Obama.

d. Rick Perry.

The MSM wants to convince us that he’s stupid. He was awful in the first few debates, but he has improved dramatically. Conservatives criticize him for in-state tuition for illegals and mandating the HPV vaccine mandate. The in-state tuition issue has been argued ad nauseum, but it was a state issue where most Texans agreed with him; he has said that he would not do it in the rest of the country.  He absolutely will secure the border – just ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Gardasil is old news; parents could opt out and he admitted his mistake when he withdrew the mandate.

He is very strong on securing the border. You cannot build a fence in the middle of the Rio Grande; it would be prohibitively expensive and would take away the property rights, water access, and living of many farmers. But you can put troops along our side of it to stop those that would try to come here illegally.

He has the best record of job creation among our candidates. Texas has a balanced budget and a good economy when the rest of US is struggling. Perry has governed the 13th largest economy in the world and it’s doing fine; compare that to California or Massachusetts. Texas under Perry passed medical tort-reform, which helped to get more doctors into Texas. Perry is a strong believer in states rights: he fought Obama on Obamacare and the EPA.

Governor Rick Perry has a record of job creation in Texas that outpaced the rest of the country. This election should be about jobs and cutting spending. As Bill Clinton said,”It’s the economy, stupid.”  Obama cannot win against Perry’s job numbers.

Perry, not Santorum or Gingrich, has the executive experience and the job-creation record to beat Obama. Santorum lost his home state by a landslide; he is primarily seen as an unbending social conservative and an ex-member of Congress. He alienates too many voters. He doesn’t have a jobs record to run on; his actual record is supporting union-backed bills that kill jobs. He supports earmarks and  questionable government sending programs, like the Medicare prescription drug act. He is most likely unelectable. He certainly was the last time he ran in his home state.

Perry has a compelling personal story: He served his country in the Air Force. He comes from a humble background, so has no family wealth to attack. He married his high school sweetheart – no adultery. Perry is a man of strong faith. And Perry is proud of America.

This is where you, the people of South Carolina, come in.

Perry just needs us to change the MSM’s “he’s stupid” meme.  We have the power to make him the nominee and help him win South Carolina, then Florida. The MSM have already done everything in their power to destroy him. They cannot tie him to adultery, lobbyists, ethics violations, Wall Street, or their ridiculous obsession with class-warfare. Perry is not part of the Washington crowd, like Gingrich and Santorum. Perry is not the establishment man that Romney is. He supports the TEA party and will cut the Washington establishment’s spendthrift budget. Perry is the most electable conservative.

South Carolina can change the outcome of this election. You have the power to choose our nominee; you can give him your vote. You can have the Perry surge, just like Santorum got his in Iowa. But Perry has the record, the organization, and the personal integrity to beat Obama. This could be our own Operation Chaos against the MSM and the RINO establishment.

If the people of both South Carolina and Florida vote for Governor Perry, you can give him a surge that knocks the MSM off their pre-planned Romney-is-inevitable script, and
gives us the strongest conservative to go up against Obama. This election is about beating Barack Obama. Obama is a strong campaigner; he won’t lose to a disorganized, underfunded campaign like Santorum’s. He also won’t lose to an Obama-light candidate like Romney. We need a strong candidate with a conservative contrast.

Perry was your first choice or second choice until the media started their “he’s stupid” meme. Are you prepared to have the media choose your candidate? Obama thinks there
are 57 states and never leaves home without his teleprompter. Yet the MSM says Obama is highly intelligent. Don’t buy their propaganda: Rick Perry is not stupid.

Why did you shy away from Gingrich and Santorum in the first place? In the back of your mind, you knew that the MSM and the establishment would dig up the dirt from their past, including big government spending and lobbyist ties, making it tough for them to beat Obama.

Gingrich and Santorum are not as fiscally conservative as Perry based on their records. They are “big government” conservatives – which ought to be impossible! Both
have liabilities that the MSM have already begun to exploit: Gingrich as ethically challenged, an adulterer, and a shill for Freddie Mac and Santorum as extremely right-wing, homophobic, earmark-loving, and Dc insiders. I’m not saying I agree with the MSM, I’m just saying that the MSM are about to crucify Santorum, weakening him to the point that he cannot win in the general.

The MSM can’t attack Perry for adultery, or lobbying, or being wealthy, or being a homophobe, or for ethics violations. He has presented himself well in all the recent debates and comes across fine in one-on-one interviews, even smacking down Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. The media has had a Perry blackout until the day after Iowa, because they don’t want him to rehabilitate his campaign. The MSM wants you to forget Perry. People of South Carolina and Florida, you can take control of your own fate and throw out the establishment and media script. You can control this election outcome; you can overcome the ethanol-subsidy lovers of Iowa and the strategic aisle-crossers of New Hampshire.

We – the rest of the people – are tired of letting the Democratic states of Iowa and New Hampshire give us the RINO of establishment choice. We tried their perfect candidate with McCain. McCain lost.  The MSM will always attack a true conservative candidate.

You have the power to humiliate the MSM and the Washington RINO establishment. Imagine their shock when Rick Perry – against all odds – wins South Carolina and Florida, and the “Romney-is-inevitable” meme dies a shocking death.

Conservatism can win. South Carolina can change this election. The surge starts today.



I wanted to do something other than sit back and let the media and a few non-representative states choose our nominee again. I felt the need to actually do more than send campaign cash. If you have a similar need to get support for Perry out there, if you can write your own pieces highlighting his record compared to Santorum’s and Gingrich’s particularly, I think it could help.  It’s time to get on other websites and try to build a grassroots surge for Perry. If all the Perry supporters from Red State posted one or two supportive pieces about Governor Perry on other websites or in South Carolina papers and outlets, we could combat the media blackout and help him get the surge he needs.

More importantly, if you know anyone in South Carolina, churches, home-school groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scout, Lions Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, or any organization that may give him a second look, the next 14 days are critical. Your outline of reasons for a second look at Perry, backed up with good citations and links could help. I am still fighting. Will you join me?