2010 Midterm Conspiracy Theories

There aren’t really any conspiracy theories I believe in. Occam’s Razor is practically a religious tenant of mine.

At the same time, those who believe in conspiracy theories tend to hold onto them with a suspension of disbelief that Scientologists would envy. Maybe that’s why I love reading them so much. You hear one perspective of an event that piques your interest, then you get to read intelligent people surgically break down every leap of logic and misstated fact about the conspiracy. It’s always two stories for the price of one. The best part might be the feeling of condescending intelligence that you temporarily borrow from the experts who are assertively telling you the truth about a myth they are tired of debunking.

What makes conspiracy theories interesting are not just the fantastical yarns of fiction accepted as fact nor how they co-opt so many people into a false conventional wisdom. Conspiracy theories are most interesting when an event occurs and people coincidentally act the exact same as if there was a conspiracy. Like in these instances:

For all of the fear that Christine O’Donnell was going to completely embarrass the Republican Party – and she has – wouldn’t a puppet master of sorts put an O’Donnell out there to make Rand Paul and Sharron Angle look moderate or even take attention away from them?

Are the establishment Republicans preparing to seamlessly co-opt the most popular platforms and politicians of the Tea Party in order to marginalize the rest of the movement in 2012 in order to seem like the centrist party compared to the Tea Party and the Democrats?

Wouldn’t the Democrats want to promote some fringe and inexperienced candidates on the right to split the conservative vote? Um, scratch that!

Was 2008 a marketing test of Sarah Palin’s political appeal during a “can’t win” election? And now 2010 is the 2nd part to test her political viability?

And with his Administration chastising their liberal base for being unappreciative while openly antagonizing them with a stay on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal, is Obama trying to lose this election so he can run against a Republican Congress in 2012 the same way Harry Truman ran against the “Do Nothing” Congress in 1948?