In the last election

In the last election black basketball star S.O’Neil was asked what candidate he was voting for and he said he was a republican and voting for bush, the democrats have never did anything but try to keep blacks poor and on welfare Now this year he is supporting Obama it seams to me this election is more about making history then what is best for the people of this country and some how by electing Obama will make up for all bad things they think we did to them. I remember the OJ trial we all know he was guilty but because he was black he was perceived by blacks as being picked on and is innocent regardless of the facts.but it goes deeper then that most liberal demos think we should abandon Israel pull back are troops hide behind are boarders and by electing Obama brings us closer to that goal Obama is that tool to grab the power to do this. I think this is a naive view of the world and disregard history.you have to read what these people are saying to themselves to understand there real views. they say what you want to hear just to get elected but whisper behind the seen.Did anyone see the Larry King interview on CNN with the president of Iran I rest my point.

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