Triumph Victory Tour

It is smart to thank the voters who got Donald Trump as our next president (and who took out Hillary Clinton). The media won’t be on his side, so Donald Trump has to talk over them. Everyday from now till January 20 is like a mini (but super glamorous and classy) Christmas. I just hope Trump doesn’t believe all the hype–because hubris is the trap that can really hurt a President (although I have been rather impressed with him since he has won).
Sure there are things to criticize, but for the most part Trump seems to be doing fine. I know this whole Romney thing is confusing, but I assume it is push and pull between various supporters.
But once past cabinet picks, President Elect Trump has an ambitious agenda and it will be a long road ahead. On the bright side, more than a few Democrats will be in play to balance out McCain, Graham and the other GOPers who would have rather lost and had Hillary in power.
Trump has a critical initial pick once he is sworn in (and we will all be watching closely on what the rest of the GOP does in support):


Powerline: Should Claire McCaskill Determine Who Replaces Scalia?To the GOPe and Donald Trump, if you screw this up we will not forgive you. I assume that Trump will do his job and make strong pick. If the GOP Senate do not make the confirmation happen, heads will roll.


Peter Paul Rubens: A Roman Triumph (1630)

Heavy: Trump Victory Tour 

Enjoy, but just remember this warning…