Tom Price for Health And Human Services

This is a great pick by President Elect Trump. Tom Price believes the only way to reform Obamacare is to first eliminate Obamacare and start over. That is the right approach to address this problem.

The elimination of Obama is one of the critical promises I do expect Trump to do while in office.  Anyone who is opposed to this on the GOP side will face a serious loss of support when they come up for reelection (President Trump included if he does not follow through). This is an excellent first step.

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Ok, who is escorting Tom Price up to the inner sanctum of Trump Tower? Is it Hope Hicks or someone else from the Trump Organization? I am doing a Rule 5 on that.


Rule 5 and FMJRA

TOM: Some Stereotypes Are True Remember when President Reagan was blamed for AIDS, which was a lefty media falsehood that has continued to this day?  Point is the media lies, all the time when it comes to Republicans.