Do you need some Cyber Monday gift ideas?

The Hillary one makes your coffee taste like the bitter ashes of defeat.
They are over priced. Still, you can keep a set of as a celebratory reminder of what could have been (unless of course Jill Stein manages to overturn the result or they threaten enough electoral voters or she manages to rise from the dead). Or you could just have a set to give to your favorite grieving Hillary supporter. Just doctor that coffee with a lot of Irish whiskey or bourbon and presto, therapy coffee!

NRO: Hillary 2020: Because America Has Not Suffered Enough

Does she need a Bill mug to drink her champagne?

Mark Steyn: Why not toast the death of Fidel with a Hillary mug?

TOM: Do you know any little old liberal white ladies?  They might like a mug…

AoSHQ: This would be a good line for Groot in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie…

Instapundit: Kevin Williamson: Tough Times!, It is not easy living in an alternative universe, Castro’s alternative universe was not so bad for himDo you think Lefty mental health was that good to begin with? , Teachable Moment,  and Progressives Without Power