Geraldo Rivera: Asshat of the Day

Geraldo Rivera is the Michael Phelps of Asshatery
Cuba was the most prosperous country in Latin America when Castro and his thugs took over.  Sure Batista was bad, but be careful what you wish for. The Castros and their kleptocratic murderous pals managed to run that country into the ground and almost got the USA and the USSR into a nuclear war. But as the left want to remind us, they do have socialized medicine.
I am sad actor Ron Glass died (which unfortunately just happened to be a few hours after Fidel Castro died). His life enriched us.
I am happy Fidel is gone. Perhaps real change can come to Cuba (although I recognize we are still stuck with Raul Castro for the time being).  Guess what, Cuban Americans in Little Havana are happy Castro is dead.
Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter and Justin Trudeau, in terms of asshatery, are right up their with Geraldo. Jill Stein is almost in a class by herself. Colin Kaepernick gets honorable mention for timing for making Fidel a story just before he diedObama and Pelosi, while not quite as bad, were still pretty bad.  It was close, they are all masters in this field, but Geraldo wins.
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