The Borking of Bannon: The New York Times Tries...

The effort by the Times to depict Mr. Bannon as the second coming of Adolph Hitler and David Duke initially struck me as odd. I say that primarily because when my book JFK, Conservative came out, Mr. Bannon had me on his radio show. He was gracious, friendly and supportive. He’d clearly read the book, which has plenty of material about Kennedy and Israel and the Soviet Jews, and which doesn’t exactly leave it a mystery where I am coming from on those issues. I assume he realized I was Jewish from my biography indicating past work for the Forward and the Jerusalem Post.

In the past few days, additional testimony and information has emerged. Ben Shapiro, a critic of Breitbart‘s who left the site with some acrimony, nevertheless wrote: “I have no evidence that Bannon’s a racist or that he’s an anti-Semite; the Huffington Post’s blaring headline ‘WHITE NATIONALIST IN THE WHITE HOUSE’ is overstated, at the very least.” No mention of that in the New York Times.

Of course as DaTechGuy notes, the real reason of this coordinated attack on Bannon is obvious: Bannon helped Trump win. And Bannon is giving Trump the ability to go around the media.  

For all the media hyperventilating and bombastic rhetoric about Bannon, there is nothing said by the media about proposed DNC Chair Keith Ellison’s ties to Antisemites. The partisan hypocrisy of all of this handwringing by the New York Times is pathetic.  

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