Democrat Party Anti-Semitism: Keith Ellison and the DNC


With all the hand wringing by the Democrats over Steve Bannon and allegations of anti-Semitism, it is amazing to seem them champion Democrat and Muslim Keith Ellison as the proposed chair of the Democrat National Committee.  They conveniently forget that Mr. Ellison has quite the past with the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan.



Ellison was not happy when the Star Tribune published my column “Ellison remembers to forget” on its opinion page. In the column I put back some of his own history that he had left out of his memoir. He promptly sent out a fundraising letter to his fans asserting that the column represented “a new low” in the manifestation of anti-Muslim bigotry against him.

The cry of bigotry was another lie, but Ellison invited Pioneer Press reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger and others on his email list to fight back against his alleged victimization with a modest contribution to his campaign. I posted a copy of his fundraising letter to Stassen-Berger in “In which Keith Ellison finds me of use.”

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