Day Of The Dead, Democrat Style

Just in time for Halloween and All Saints Day (Day of the Dead in Mexico). Democrats love voting so much they keep voting even after they die.  In fact, they convince everyone else who is dead (regardless of past party affiliation) to join them and vote Democrat.
They also like saying everyone picks on them. Especially Hillary.

TOM: Liberals and their Nightmare Republican Fantasies

AoSHQ: Why unsecured servers for classified stuff are a bad idea

Mark Steyn: Occam’s Weiner, The HalloWeiner, and Questions not put forward

American Power Blog: Clinton and Trump shuffling the map, Coming Apart, Will this cost Hillary the election,  What is on Huma’s computer, and Democrat Weiner Fury

Legal Insurrection: Hillary or Comey: Networks squirm, Donna Brazile out at CNN, Bad Boy, Hillary declares war on Comey

Rush Limbaugh: Media distorted my cynic view, Hillary has no one to blame but herself, Thiel educates Elites on Trump, Wikileaks dumps on Brazile, Putting Comey actions in context, Clinton emails are “baked” in, Doug Schoen just learned who the Clintons are, It feels like 1980, Impeach Trump (fall back plan), What if the FBI clears Hillary again this week?

Instapundit: Scott Adams: Trump vs. ClintonHalloween news you can use, Clinton’s inner circle knew five years ago Weiner was sexting underaged girls and did nothing about it (Karma is really a bitch), and Clinton Foundation Probe by FBI

EBL: CNN Fires Donna Brazile, Media Mission Priority, Chappaqua, we have a problem, Hillary and Huma, The Way We Were, Hillary’s Smart, She can do things…, AG Loretta Lynch Takes The Fifth?, The Fredo Corleone of the Clinton Crime Family and AoSHQ Three Flaming Skulls: Comey to Reopen FBI Investigation

Wombat: Powerline: Did the DOJ and FBI blow off Democrat Senators?, Joe for America: Did the FBI disobey orders to destroy devices to preserve evidence?, Proof Positive: In fact, it was her idea.
Regular Right Guy: Anthony Weiner’s Life Insurance?  (then again, the Clintons have killed for far less)
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