Feminist Theory: You Could Call It Sort Of Dystopian

This is not the future I was hoping for. You really need to step back from this stuff and recognize it for what it is: insane and evil nonsense.  It does not empower women and definitely diminishes men.


Feminism, at least as it is currently practiced in academia, has a similar denial of reality that was so common during the Soviet era. Feminism goes beyond in some ways what the Soviets did in denying biology. Although Feminism shares the Soviet intent on making sure everyone is miserable in the name of equality–well except for a few.


The trans-stuff seems more about stirring the pot than anything else. The Democrats latched on to it as the next SJW cause to champion.  I doubt even most progressives really believe it, but they like spouting it, almost as a mantra to show how enlightened they are. Some radical feminists hate it–at least on this issue they acknowledge biological reality.


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