Who Won Debate Number Three?


Is it enough to change things? I doubt it. Trump missed a few opportunities (Hillary was wrong and the DC gun regulations addressed in Heller were not about protecting toddlers). Hillary continues to dodge how she got a special deal on those email and Clinton Foundation corruption. But the damage to Trump is done…I do not see this being enough to change that.


I know a lot are saying not accepting the results is bad for Trump. I concur the answer could have been much better. What Trump should have done is dismiss any suggestion the transition of power would not be peaceful (I am not suggesting Trump is implying otherwise, he just did not say it), but point out if he sees irregularities he will certainly point them out. Which of course is what candidates do all the time (especially Democrats).


I guess we will see on November 8. I hope she loses. My guess is it doesn’t change that much.


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