SID BLUMENTHAL: Hillary Clinton's Dirty Trickster and the Original Birther Source?


Clinton denies she had anything to do with starting Obama birther rumors back when she was competing for the nomination in 2007 and 2008. We know Hillary still hates Obama for beating her in 2008.


Hillary Clinton has “a lot of buffers” but there is testimony to support the rumors originated with and were spread by her campaign. While her media allies try to give her cover they have actually confirmed that she is probably the Mother of Birthers.




Daily Wire: Five Things You Need To Know About Sid BlumenthalReason (Sid Blumenthal is the human equivalent of Monica’s semen stained dress): “Blumenthal’s nastiness and willingness to fling shit like a howler monkey in heat earned him the sobriquet ‘Sid Vicious'”

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