If you want checks and balances, vote Trump

James Comey, channelling some J. Edgar Hoover quality time with good friends
And the FBI and Department of Justice have seemed curiously uninterested in going after people for behavior that, in other circumstances, would be a surefire ticket to federal prison.
The reason, of course, is that the civil service, though supposedly professional and nonpartisan, has become a Democratic Party monoculture. Federal employees overwhelmingly vote for Democrats, donate to Democrats, and, by all appearances, cover for Democrats as a routine part of doing their job.
When you realize the media is also (mostly) in this threesome above it makes it all the more imperative to not to let Hillary Clinton become President. If you think Hillary Clinton is getting away with things now, imagine what she will do as President.
The pattern of lawlessness of Hillary Clinton goes back decades. If she becomes President, who will call her on it if it continues? There is no reason to think it will stop.
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