#BlackLivesMatter can't be taken seriously till it tackles this issue...

There is a lot of hypocrisy from the left in stories like these.  The war on women meme that the left and Democrats are so keen to promote (to try to manipulate election results).

You could make a point there are discrepancies in criminal justice system sentencing that could be race based. But there is no doubt about this data: the vast majority of violence on the black community is committed by the black community. There is an epidemic of blacks killing other blacks.
And given the police have to deal with violence black communities, there is no way to separate these two issues. First, blacks are not killed more by the police than white suspects if you look fairly at the crime data. Any rational person has to acknowledge that if you lower the level of crime and violence in black neighborhoods and communities you are likely (over time) going to help lower the incidents of police officers killing black men. We can argue what is the best way to address that, but why is merely speaking out against blacks killing blacks wrong?

Hot Air: Black Lives Matter Activist says white people should be excluded from any discussions on race (don’t worry white folks, they will let you know later what your reparation bill will be).

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