Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be in the Command-In-Chief Defense Forum Tonight

NBC declares it is presenting the first ever Commander-In-Chief forum. Actually it is the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America who are sponsoring the forum (NBC is broadcasting it). But I fear NBC may try to unduly influence what is going on tonight. Trump overwhelmingly leads Hillary with military and veteran voters, but you might not get that vibe from the moderating tonight.
I have little hope Matt Lauer will be fair and unbiased. His network and the powers that be there are all in the bag for Hillary Clinton. Will NBC even mention Matt’s ties to the Clinton Foundation?
Nor would Lauer be on any rational short list as a moderator for a national security defense forum. Unless you consider his tenure on the Today show to be the equivalent of national security, national defense, and geopolitical experience.
Given it is a forum about national security, would issues such as Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified data come up?  I am sure people in the forum will want to ask about it, but the moderator and NBC probably have significant screening control of what gets to the actual candidates.
But I am sure the event tonight will get good ratings. Team Clinton is breaking out all it can to help Hillary prepare for her big night.
Based on a coin toss, Clinton is up first tonight, followed by Trump.
Clinton will play on her gender…all fun and games till Benghazi


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Hillary “Muad’Dib” Clinton will defeat ISIS with the sound of her voice “Through sound and motion, you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs…” “My name is a killing word.”

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