FBI Reveals: Clinton Aides Smashed Her Blackberries With Hammers


Instapundit: Compare and Contrast, A Bad Week for HillaryWhat Donald Trump Said at that Black Church in DetroitClinton losing support with Latinos? and Ed Driscoll brought up that Ted Cruz ad too

I know they timed this FBI document dump for a Labor Day Friday to try to help Hillary Clinton, but there is a lot of material here that could (and should) come up in the Forum scheduled for September 7.  The media will be scrambling to protect Crooked Hillary (especially as polls seem to be going in Trump’s favor right now).

I think the Trump outreach to minorities and especially African Americans makes a lot of sense.  Hillary is strangely out of sight while Trump with his Mexico trip, his Louisiana relief outreach, and pointing out how Hillary wants to give jobs to Syrian refugees but not African American unemployed is making up for past mistakes.

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