Donald Trump's August Polling Downfall

I really want to see Hillary Clinton’s downfall, but if these reports are true

I take stories like this with a big bag of salt, especially given the underlying source is from the New York Times (which on a whole has a partisan bent in this), but I have I have had many of these same concerns myself from watching events unfold from the outside. I agree with John Nolte on this point, Trump would be better served giving up ad libbing at his rallies.

There is an effort in the media to demoralize Trump supporters to steer the outcome of the election.  It is not that Crooked Hillary is running a great campaign, it is just that the Trump campaign (mainly through Trump himself) can’t seem to stop tripping himself up.  Fair or unfair (and I recognize he gets treated unfairly by the media in comparison to Clinton), the Trump campaign does look disorganized, appears to be off track since the conventions, and is not disciplined.

That does not mean Trump can’t turn it around. There have been a couple of good things Trump has done, but it gets drowned out in repeated (and at least avoidable in part) negative media cycles.

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