Another Victim of Hillary Clinton: Iranian Nuclear Scientist Executed By Iranians Was Mentioned In Hillary Clinton's Unsecured Emails

Hillary can make up a lie about a film to explain why Shahram Amiri was killed…
Not all Muslim lives matter (as much) to Hillary Clinton



Hillary Clinton used her private email server to discuss Shahram Amiri’s case, which she had to know was a very serious topic and was absolutely something to keep secret. Iran’s government just executed Mr. Amiri for spying.


Hillary Clinton referred to Shahram Amiri as “our friend” but with friends like Hillary who needs enemies? As Hillary Clinton is apt to say, “What difference does it make?” What matters is her winning, and if she broke a few eggs on the way, oh well, that is how you make a Hillary omelette.


Instapundit: Loose lips sink ships (But so long as she’s elected, meh…)