Crooked Hillary: Hillary Clinton caught lying 'at the time...'

Hillary Clinton called out as a liar

Scooter Libby got prosecuted for lying. So why not Hillary Clinton? Is there a double standard here?  You betcha.
Given the Democrats are not going to do anything about Hillary Clinton’s crimes, it is up to the American voters to respond. God help us, we deserve what we get if we put this corrupt sow in as commander in chief.
Townhall: Comey’s Choice: Silver or Lead

EBL: FBI Director Press Conference regarding Crooked Hillary Clinton, Tuna vs. Seagull and Lying Loretta and #CrookedHillary

Jonah Goldberg: Does not get it (if you accept the premise that Comey would have recommended prosecuting viritually anyone else, but chose not to make that recommendation for Clinton based on political pressure, it makes more sense).