Anderson Cooper Is A Hypocrite and Coward

This is the new moderate Iran regime in action
Yet a lot of Democrat and Leftist anger is directed at the GOP and Christians. 



EBL: Choose what you want to beAnderson Cooper is a d*ck and Everyone has the right to defend themselves

Instapundit: Jonah Goldberg: Why can’t the left tell the difference between Conservative Christians and Radical Islamic Terrrorists, Are all cultures equal (how dare you ask that) and Barack Obama: PC over doing the right thing

Rush Limbaugh: Our PC response to terrorism is insane, gun control would have done NOTHING to stop the #OrlandoMassacre, and two generations lost

I am not a Trump supporter but the Advocate is misrepresenting him here (they can’t help themselves can they): Is Donald Trump really singing a different tun on gays (Trump is actually consistent on how he treats LGBT) yet Hillary is taking money from people who execute gay people for being gay. Ok, which one is the bigger hypocrite (leaving the Advocate out of it)? Here is Trump defending gays from Clinton.

Milo: Tossing Milo: Games Islamists like to play

Lem’s Place: Alligator Liberation and Déjà vu all over again

Mark Steyn: Billie Holiday (so why isn’t the left protesting strange fruit in Iran)
Deadline: Anderson Cooper responds to interview of Pam Bondi.  I am sorry Anderson, Pam Bondi’s criticism was spot on and your being “respectful” is nonsense. You are a hypocrite because you are not applying the same standards to all politicians.  If you were you would be pointing out the far greater hypocrisy of Obama and Hillary in dealing with murderous governments (who actually kill LGBT people).
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