You can be a sheep, a sheep dog, or a wolf: With all due respect, the left can go get stuffed trying to blame the right for the #OrlandoMassacre...

The vast majority of Americans reacted to the #OrlandoMassacre with the same reaction they responded to the attacks in San Bernardino or the Boston Marathon, with horror and sympathy for the victims. So suddenly having the left (and it is left) try to paint Republicans, conservatives and especially the NRA as co-conspirators with the shooter is crap (of course they tried this after San Bernardino too)

The murderous scumbag who is responsible for the #OrlandoMassacre was a wife beating Democrat (and his ex wife may have known of his plans and failed to alert authorities) He was a radical Muslim who spouted his hate to point he had at least two interviews with the FBI.  Martin praised the Tsarnaev Brothers and pledged allegiance to ISIS. The shooter was posting to social media during the attack. He very well may have been a self hating gay man. The FBI itself is not incompetent, it has directives what it can or cannot do and barring an active crime free speech alone (however inflammatory) is not actionable.

So this piece of excrement went and slaughtered and maimed 100 people at a popular gay club in Orlando (after being seen casing Disney World and being reported to the FBI for acting suspicious at a gun shop asking about body armor).

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