Marine Veteran Imran Yousuf Saved Dozens of Lives At #OrlandoMassacre

By creating the exit, Yousuf estimated that about 70 people were able to get out of the nightclub safely. Forty-nine people were killed inside the nightclub and another 53 were injured. It was the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, and was carried out by a man who reportedly called 911 to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State group.

I do not know his background, but I assume Imran Yousuf is Muslim. He served in Afghanistan. And he is a Marine.

Instapundit: Heroes, Milo banned this morning,  Marines are about honor,  ISIS praises shooter as ‘Lion of the Caliphate’ and urges attacks on hospitals and amusement parks (there are evil people and groups and there are honorable people and groups–never forget that)

Marines react when there is trouble:

I feel bad for Amanda Marcotte, she apparently never knew or had a real man in her life growing up. Her profound loss.

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