The Gorilla Question: Donald Trump Answers Questions Harambe the Gorilla and Hillary Aide Dodges Questions About Her Boss


Of course, Hillary Clinton’s assistant Cheryl Mills (through her attorney) refused to answer questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails. You would think that such a story involving the Democrat Party presumptive nominee would get more media attention in a Presidential Election year than a tragic zoo incident, but you would be wrong. Still, #CrookedHillary is not going away.
If Clinton was a Republican, she would have been long indicted and probably convicted by now. That is how strong this case against her is. But the question is can even the Clintons with the media backing her keep dodging this issue?  Especially with her allies being investigated too?
So of course I can’t avoid gorilla metaphors and analogies:
Or does that old pin up depict Donald Trump and America?


I like David French a lot (he is a patriot, hero and scholar), while I would much prefer voting for David French over someone like Gary Johnson, I am not sure the advantage to conservatives to run a spoiler candidate (to help election Hillary Clinton) when French has little chance of winning. While I am not inclined to vote for Trump, I would rather he win over Hillary. I do consider Hillary Clinton worse, which makes me #NeverHillary. But I would love it if a candidate like David French could become a contender.


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