Hollywood Hypocrisy: Gay Rights Boycott of Beverly Hills Hotel Over (so what if the Sultan of Brunei executes people there for being gay)

So all the Hollywood angst over the Sultan of Brunei (with that country’s very anti gay policies, which apparently include stoning gays to death and could be considered just a tad worse than North Carolina‘s bathroom law) is apparently over.
It’s not like the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge is some eastern Washington florist, or bakery in Oregon, or an Indiana pizzeria. While gay rights are obviously important to Hollywood, the Beverly Hills Hotel’s salads are fabulous and as Kim Kardashian notes the Hotel has a great anti paparazzi policy). So the boycott of Hollywood against one of its most favorite places is officially over.
Love Wins.
The Beverly Hills Hotel McCarthy Salad (a chopped Cobb Salad with Avacado and beets):
It is easy enough to make at home and will cost you considerably less than $35 a plate

Hollywood’s Favorite Salads

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