Remember when we thought the future was going to be great?


Maetenloch had this vision of our future present…

The fight goes on.  I would encourage looking objectively on why things did not turn out the way we wanted (there are lessons to be learned).  I wish Ted Cruz did not drop out, but I suspect financially it was too difficult for him to go on.

I would also recommend we not go out of our way to alienate Trump supporters.  While some are mean spirited, not all of them are. There is also no upside to it.

They are wrong in backing this candidate, but sometimes people have to learn from their own mistakes (telling them in advance often never works).  The 2016 race is not turning out as most of us hoped. While there is a lot of anger over what happened, many of these people celebrating this revolution now will likely not be celebrating in the future. We will need to win some of them over then.

That said, it may be time to head for the stern