Why Ted Cruz Lost: Campaign 101: How to deal with hecklers


This is how not to engage a heckler.  Sometimes it is better to walk away. As gracious as Ted is being and using this as a teaching moment, he can’t win this exchange.Hecklers are always hostile, although how you deal with them will depend on the type of heckler they are. For politicians it is a bit more complicated because a touch question posed by a person is not necessarily heckling, but you know the difference between the two when you see it.

Give this particular Trump heckler credit for his timing and verbal jabs (they are funny, even if completely unfair and hostile to Cruz).  But that is how hecklers work. And to make it worse, the media then takes and edits this exchange and replays them out of context as sound bites.

Trump certainly has his flaws (and I am sure Team Hillary is looking to exploit many of them), but he generally knows how to take on the media. Ted never quite got it–a lot of his speeches and delivery worked against him. Ted’s speeches go way too long.  His style is too preacher-ish. Ted can’t change who he is, but he can be way more effective a public speaker than how he has done. I do not think Ted Cruz in the long run is finished, he will be an important voice of opposition going forward, but he definitely should learn from his mistakes (so far) in this campaign.

Stand up comedians know how to take on hecklers. There are techniques they use (they face this threat all the time). Most importantly, they control the microphone and the forum.Now this is how you take on a heckler:

Steve Crowder is a funny guy and is well spoken. Steve is likable. But Crowder has advantages in this form that Ted Cruz does not have on a sidewalk with Trump fans:  The crowd at U Mass is mostly sympathetic to Crowder (they went to that show to hear those particular conservatives speak) and hostile to the Social Justice Warriors like #TrigglyPuff who came to disrupt the event. Most importantly, Steve has the microphone.



RedState: Ted unleashes on Trump (over crazy claims Ted’s dad was friends with Lee Harvey Oswald) and strangely why would Trump trigger Ted like this when Trump is going to probably win? This combativeness is pathological and does not always work to his advantage. Doesn’t Donald need all the help he can get?