While Hillary will almost certainly win the nomination, Bernie Sanders' commrades are still winning support with the youth...

In response to my post about the manufactured feminist-SJW controversy over University of Washington cheerleader tryouts, LL reminds us of this movie video gem!

While Hillary’s nomination may be inevitable, Bernie Sanders absolutely influenced the Democrat race. I laugh, but it also makes me want to cry. At best their dreams would be an economic disaster.

Volunteers had its moments…kids today would not get the irony

Commentary: Hillary’s Liberal Lurch

Instapundit: Ted Cruz trolls the trolls (absolutely correct), they are rather predictable, and a Hillary Administration will do to gender what Obama’s Administration has done to race relations

RedState (a different kind of “Red”): This is a great response from Cruz about Boehner (and a revealing tell on Boehner)

Rush Limbaugh: Best endorsement ever and dueling strategy in Indiana