So what is Ted Cruz's Major Announcement?

Politico: Ted Cruz as a major announcement at 4 p.m. in Indiana

Update: RedState/Brandon Morse: Rumors confirmed!

Ted needs to change the narrative after last night.  Trump had a big night and Indiana has become a do or die for the Cruz Campaign. Given the stories about Cruz vetting Carly for vice president, this speculation does make sense.

Carly Fiorina was always running for vice president (just like John Kasich is). She would be a good pick for Ted Cruz.  I am doubtful this changes the dynamic at this point, Cruz is just not wooing enough voters right now to stop the Trump Train (which is frustrating since Cruz is true constitutional conservative). Maybe Mike Pence will jump in and help Ted out?  Now that would be a major announcement in Indiana.

Even if it is looking bad right now Ted, keep fighting!

I know Kasich has said no way to a vice president slot. Trump has made fun of his eating habits. Still, never say never. Kasichmentum or not, it was five more delegates than Ted Cruz got last night. Let’s see what goes down in Cleveland this summer.

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