Who ever wrote this line for Ted Cruz should be fired: "America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat."

And if Ted wrote it himself, he needs to hire a competent speech writer and stop drafting and saying stuff like this.

What the hell does that even mean? Mat is presumably a boxing image, but then tied it in with a “she” pronoun?  It is a creepy image. Sort of reminds me visually of that scene in Animal House, and not in a good way for Ted Cruz.

Trump victory in New York was (as they say) YUGE. Sure, it was expected Trump would win his home state, but Trump over performed on expectations and Ted’s performance was (as they say) not so good. That does not mean Trump is inevitable, but a few more mistakes and he could be. This nomination will depend (a lot) not only on the convention, but what happens in states like California and Indiana.

Ok, Ted screwed up with New York values and Trump.  Had he originally qualified his comment as New York City liberal values, he would not have had such a hard time with New York Republican voters. We all make mistakes. I thought Ted would try to dig himself out of this with Empire State voters. No such luck.

Trump is leading in delegates and losing in wooing delegates should he not clinch with 1237.  But Trump out there hammering the meme that Ted Cruz and the GOPe are “stealing” this nomination. Ted is not doing that, but the meme is sticking with some voters (mostly Trump supporters). Ted needs all the support he can muster to be able to win this thing at the Convention. Not only does every delegate count, but every voter counts. Anyone who thinks this is already in the bag for Cruz is just wrong. It is most definitely not over, this nomination could go either way between Cruz or Trump.

I love Ted Cruz on policy. I think he is the best candidate the GOP has had on substantive issues since Ronald Reagan. I still think he has an excellent shot at being the GOP nominee. But deliveries and lines like in that New York speech above will not win nominations, let alone general elections.

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