Congratulations to Ted Cruz on Colorado, but a word of warning too... Update by Rush Limbaugh will make Trumpkins mad!

Rush Limbaugh: Ted Cruz is winning in places like Colorado because as Jim Geraghty notes Donald Trump’s ground game sucked but Rush is also right about this: Ted Cruz better be careful too (the GOPe don’t want him either)

Ace is right, Ted Cruz is definitely not the Establishment. The GOPe figure neither Trump or Ted can win in the general, but Trump will lose disastrously while Ted will just not prevail. Trump will not go quietly and he will pull a substantial number of supporters who at a minimum will sit out the election (which would undermine Ted, who is not the most likeable guy anyway). Ryan is not running now. The GOPe and possibly Paul Ryan are planning on taking back the White House in 2020.

While Trump would almost certainly lose due to his self inflicted wounds with minorities and women (sorry there are not enough angry old white men for him to win), I know this upsets my friends who are Trump supporters, but had he pivoted earlier to general election mode he would have had the nomination clinched by now and could have won. He didn’t do that. Once people lock into disliking you it is very difficult to get them to change back. My disagreement with Trump is more fundamental: he is not a conservative and he seems to make too many self inflicted errors to be my choice for president.

Ted certainly has his likability issues too, but what the GOPe forget is Ted is likely running against Hillary Clinton. Obama has signaled pretty clearly he has Hillary’s back on her illegal email server. That means she will likely be the Democrat nominee, but will still have that issue out there for the general election. Ted Cruz can win in the general. While he won’t win back all of Trump’s supporters, Ted does need to bring together as many Republicans and conservatives as he can. He has his work cut out for him.

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Rush Limbaugh Update: Perception Trumps Reality in GOP Race, Trump needs to learn the rules, Trump needs to pick up the owner’s manual for politics and know how to use it, Establishment views Trumpists as nuts, and Trump spokesbabe refuses to yield on Gestapo tactics