GOP Convention: What's one of the possibilities we might see in Cleveland this summer?

Which if attempted would be less Dr. Doolittle, more Dr. Moreau


Okay, where does the manure come out of that creature?  My guess, every orifice!


There is going to be lots of gamesmanship in Cleveland this summer.  With the unlikely prospect of Trump coming in with enough delegates to clinch on the first vote and Ted Cruz showing he is way more competent than Trump in lining up support with various state Republican delegates, Ted might very well prevail on the second or third ballot. Ted even managed to get Lindsay Graham to support him (sort of, although he thought a Kasich Rubio ticket was a good idea a few months ago).


Is Ted Cruz capable of beating Hillary Clinton (barring her being indicted, it is probably going to be Hillary)? Ted is never going to team up with Trump (and it wouldn’t work even if he was tempted to do so).  Cruz and Fiorina? Cruz and Kasich?


Things are definitely complicated. But don’t count out the GOP Establishment to do what the GOP Establishment is apt to do.  Make things worse!


Ron Radosh at PJ Media and Myra Adams at NR are hot for a Kasich Rubio ticket.  I am just a wee bit skeptical it would work.